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What Newsrooms Say About Talk

  • "We’re impressed. They think like journalists, they constantly add improvements, and their focus is on improving the content of our comments, not just in creating a platform."

    Rubina Madan Fillion, Director of Audience Engagement, The Intercept

  • "Talk has a lot of features that the newsroom has wanted for a long time. We've never had a tool before that does it all."

    Eli Zhang, Developer, Tampa Bay Times

  • "Talk’s greatest strengths are its functionality and its flexibility. It offers us the tools we need to highlight reader voices and foster community in the comments section, while giving us the leeway to integrate our own technologies."

    Teddy Amenabar, Comments Editor, The Washington Post

  • "We can adapt it entirely for our needs, and the interface is easy to use. It's WONDERFUL."

    Diego Ramos, Product Manager, Estadao

  • "Talk is purpose-built for media, is open-source, and has the weight of large publishers behind it. The commercial commenting solutions are woeful."

    Damian Cronan, CTO, Fairfax Media

  • "The Coral Project's approach is highly collaborative and they are excellent at listening to the needs of their partners."

    Todd Olmstead, Senior Audience Editor, The Wall Street Journal

  • "Talk is a key way for The Washington Post to integrate reader voices with our reporting, and to grow our communities of readers who engage with news. Coral’s software was created by newsrooms for newsrooms, so their tools are tailored to our needs."

    Teddy Amenabar, Comments Editor, The Washington Post

Better Conversation

We've built a system that discourages abuse and enables productive dialog. With Talk, your commenters can:

  • Identify journalists in the conversation
  • Mute annoying voices
  • See when other commenters joined
  • Manage their privacy
  • Download their history
  • Share discussions
  • Sort by most replied/liked/newest
  • Receive notifications when a journalist interacts with them
  • See new comment alerts instantly
  • Identify and filter out off-topic comments
  • ...and much more

A screenshot of a Talk comment stream
screenshot of Talk's moderation tools

Effective Moderation Tools

A full suite of tools allows moderators to more easily identify and remove disruptive comments, as well as surface the best content. Moderators can:

  • Feature the best comments and filter out the worst
  • Use AI-assisted moderation to identify problems quickly
  • Give commenters feedback or a temporary 'time out'
  • See detailed commenter histories, take bulk actions
  • Integrates with industry-leading spam and abuse technologies
  • Includes Slack integration, keyboard shortcuts, and more

Built for Privacy

We care deeply about user privacy. We haven't placed any trackers or ad tech anywhere in our Talk code. This makes it more secure, faster to load, and transparently better for your community.

A man holding a tablet sitting next to a woman holding a computer (Image: public domain)
Screenshot of Talk's plug-in directory

Fully Customizable & Extensible

Talk is lightweight, secure, flexible, and responsive.

  • Our plugin architecture provides out-of-the-box options
  • Use our non-federated registration system or connect your own
  • Apply your own CSS
  • Use our Graph API to extend capabilities
  • Develop plugins to add features
  • Translated into 11 languages – or add your own

Built for Journalism

We've designed Talk to help publishers of all sizes. We've talked to more than 400 people in 150 newsrooms to build a community system specifically for journalism. Newsrooms can:

  • Feature and reward the best responses
  • Connect user data to existing subscriber/donor databases
  • Reward subscribers/donors with badges – or restrict commenting only to them
  • Select difficult topics for pre-moderation only
  • Change how the comments function on different parts of the site

Two men and two women standing in a field, holding different shaped speech bubbles
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Case Studies

Screenshot of Talk's Quick Start Guide

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