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Increase engagement

As users become increasingly engaged with a website, they become more willing to pay for its services — [but] the website must take an active approach to engage and interact with its users – Lior Zalmanson and Gal Oestreicher-Singer, MIT-Sloan Management Review, Spring 2016 issue   

You have a direct financial interest in hosting a positive, sustainable community on your site. Designed by and for journalists, our tools can help your newsroom engage more effectively with the most loyal members of your audience.

Our tools can help your newsroom identify the best contributors on different topics or authors, facilitating more targeted engagement. These contributors could be invited to subscribe to a newsletter, attend in-person events or help fund specific projects. And unlike most other software, all of your users’ data stays only on your servers. Nobody else, including us, can access it.

Increase loyalty

Readers are put off by unpleasant interactions in the comment space. By giving them the ability to customize their experience through Talk, the focus of your staff will be able to shift from policing negative to encouraging positive on-site interactions – thereby increasing loyalty, as well as time on site.

Improve content

Your audience has experiences, insights, skills that can enhance your reporting, if only you could access them. Our Ask tool helps journalists quickly and easily invite greater collaboration, and then display the best contributions in just a few clicks. Our tool can be customized to match your site design, and is built specifically for journalistic use.

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