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Open-source tools that make journalism better

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Invite and display relevant content
Have better conversations
Design your community strategy

Why use Coral?

Our tools are built by and for journalists, to help you work better.

Our software contains no external trackers or surveillance – the only person who should own your data is you.

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Community Members
Control your experience
Interact with the newsroom
Avoid harassment
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Engagement Editors
Customize your tools
Scale your workload
Find great contributions
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Have smarter interactions
Find potential sources
Create an audience
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Increase engagement
Increase loyalty
Improve content
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Bringing communities closer to journalism

How do I get your software?

All of The Coral Project’s software is free and open source. You can install it on your own servers or pay for external hosting.

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How can I get involved?

We want your ideas, your requests, your experiences, your bug reports, your skills, your code.

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