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Our Mission

Coral brings journalists and the communities they serve closer together through open-source tools and strategies. Our goals: To increase public trust in journalism To improve the diversity of voices and experiences in reporting To make journalism stronger by making it more relevant to people's lives To create safer, more productive online dialog Because journalism needs everyone. We are a project of Vox Media, Inc. We were initially founded as a collaboration with the Mozilla Foundation, the New York Times and the Washington Post, with a grant from the Knight Foundation. We moved to Vox Media in 2019. And the name? Coral's intricate reef systems protect shorelines and give cover for organisms to connect and evolve. Like coral, we create the structures that let communities thrive.

"Coral's approach is highly collaborative and they are excellent at listening to the needs of their partners."
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Todd Olmstead
Senior Audience Editor

Our Team

Andrew Losowsky

Andrew Losowsky

Head of Project
I drink a lot of tea. Previously: Mozilla, The Huffington Post, News Corp, John S. Knight Fellow at Stanford University, Visiting Fellow at Yale's Information Society Project, various media empires and startups.
Tessa Thornton

Tessa Thornton

Engineering Manager
I built a fake commenting platform as a joke in 2014, now I contribute to the real thing as an Engineering Manager. Previously led engineering at a health tech startup and built embeddable shopping carts at Shopify.
Sam Hankins

Samantha Hankins

Principle Product Designer
My design process and voice are grounded in my previous work in the hospitality, legal, and educational fields. Previously: building communities IRL around diversity and inclusion at the Maurice A. Deane School of Law at Hofstra University.
A photo of Jessie Rushing

Jessie Rushing

Senior Site Reliability and Integrations Engineer
I've run wholesale distribution companies, grown startups, and been an accountant. Previously I owned a software consulting practice, but that wasn’t technical enough, so I became a engineer. I love solving complex operational challenges with technology and if I’m not doing that, I’m probably out trail running.
A person with white skin, short dark hair, glasses standing in front of a fence

Nancy Bachman

Site Reliability Engineer
I'm an experienced internet geek, SRE specialist, full-stack generalist, diversity enthusiast, autist and serial hobbyist. A firm believer that information sharing on the internet will save civilization, my aspiration for the world is that everyone be empowered to participate in the discussion. I've been a computer science professional since 1997, and herding data in the cloud since 2017.
Vinh Lê

Vinh Lê

Software Architect
I'm a freelancer specialized in Software Architecture and Open-Source technologies. Previously I ran a web development and design agency. My favorite tea is Hibiscus.
Nick Funk

Nick Funk

Full-Stack Developer
I'm a rendering engineer at heart, building 3D worlds and experiences. I've since transitioned into web development, where I aim to bring joy to anyone who uses the products I build. When I'm not slinging code, I'm cuddling with my dog or training hard to scale rock walls.

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Wyatt Johnson

Senior Engineer / Tech Lead Emeritus
I'm a full-stack software developer with a security-first mindset. I create backend systems that handle the data in a responsible and monitored way.
Kim Gardner

Kim Gardner

Director Emerita
I'm passionate about methodologies and tools that create a respectful, productive, and fun environment. Most recently, I've worked at The New York Times, Shutterstock, my own startups and others.

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