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Your community is our priority

Coral features tools and experiences for commenters, moderators, community managers, and journalists alike

Better conversation

We've built a system that discourages abuse and enables productive dialog. Read more about how ethical design underpins our work.
With Coral, your commenters can:
Identify journalists in the conversation
Mute annoying voices
See when other commenters joined
Manage their privacy
Download their history
Share discussions
Sort by most replied/liked/newest
Receive notifications when a journalist interacts with them
See new comment alerts instantly
Sign in, comment, engage via AMP pages
...and much more

Screenshot of Comment Stream
Screenshot of Featured Comments
Screenshot of Moderation Queues
Screenshot of Commenter History

Effective Moderation

A full suite of tools allows moderators to more easily identify and remove disruptive comments, as well as surface the best content.

Moderators can:
Feature the best comments and filter out the worst
Use AI-assisted moderation to identify problems quickly
Give commenters feedback or a temporary 'time out'
See detailed commenter histories
Customize settings on each article
...and much more!

Is Coral right for your community? Schedule a free strategy session with our team to find out more.

Built for Journalism

We've designed Coral for publishers of all sizes, and offer strategies and training to boost your onsite engagement. More than 120 newsrooms in 18 countries currently work with us to improve their conversations.

With Coral, newsrooms can easily:
Feature and reward the best responses
Connect user data to existing subscriber/donor login
Reward subscribers/donors with badges
Restrict comments only for paying customers
...and much more!

Screenshot of Featured Comments
Screenshot of Configure this Comment Stream
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Let's work together

We'll provide the software and the skills so you can focus on creating great content.
Technology and expertise We'll set up Coral to your specifications, integrating with your CMS, SSO, and CRM, and scale up servers that match your traffic needs.
Simplicity in integration For our basic install, we can just give you an embed code to put onto your page – no technical skills required. And as a web component, Coral avoids issues around iFrame security.
Knowledge sharing We’ll work with you to design experiments you can try with your community, and help you analyze the results.
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