Don’t let your comments undermine democracy

By Andrew Losowsky, Head of Coral by Vox Media Summary Change your moderation strategy and guidelines Reduce the number of articles with comments Write clear prompts and enforce boundaries  Remove rumors and misinformation, explain why Here in the United States, … Read More

Working with User Stories: Keeping commenters and moderators at the center of what we build

We believe that the comments section can be a place where diverse voices come together to share opinions and experiences. From the very beginning, we’ve prioritized better conversations and interactions over “engagement at all costs.” … Read More

A painted sign attached to a tree reads Danger - Beware of Bull

Five Myths of Community Design

Many online communities are based on a series of myths about how to design interaction. We’re making something different. … Read More

The Coral Project logo on a dark background with the Vox Media logo in the bottom right corner

What Happens Next: The Coral Project is Joining Vox Media

We’re so excited to announce the next phase of our work. … Read More

An illustration of four archetypes of moderation

The Power of Human Moderation

We describe four different archetypes for moderating communities … Read More

[IMAGE] A pair of brown-skinned hands are typing on a laptop. The face of the typist isn't visible.

When The Story Continues In The Comments

You never know who will leave a comment – sometimes it’s the subject of the article itself. … Read More

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Happy Hacktoberfest!

Be part of Hacktoberfest and help improve our tools … Read More

Three black women are seated at a table with computers in front of them. One is speaking, the others are listening.

The Results of Our Survey of Marginalized Voices

The voices of women of color and gender nonbinary people of color are often missing from the comments. We surveyed more than 350 people to find out why – and what we can do about it. … Read More

Three women working on laptops, talking to each other (Image: WOCInTechChat, CC-BY)

Join us in making the internet better

An exciting announcement about the future of The Coral Project … Read More

A screenshot of a webpage from the Boston Globe - headline reads Discuss Spotlight Part One: Does Boston Deserve Its Racist Reputation?

How Spotlight Uses Ask

The Boston Globe reached out to us to help them with engagement around divisive topics. The result was a Finalist in this year’s Pulitzer Prizes … Read More

[IMAGE] An image of hands typing on a computer keyboard next to a piece of paper labeled 'how to engage in the comments'

How To Engage In The Comments: A Journalist’s Guide

There’s huge value in interacting with your community, both for your reporting and your company. Here’s how to do it effectively. … Read More

[IMAGE] The EU flag with a padlock inside the circle of yellow stars

The General Data Protection Regulation & Us

How we’re making it easy for you to be GDPR compliant with Talk … Read More

A pair of hands type on a laptop keyboard (Image: WOCInTechChat, CC-BY)

Our First Hack Day

Our team spent a day focusing on side projects that help our work. Here’s what we made. … Read More

[IMAGE] A large red button in front of a series of switches

You’ve Installed Talk. Now What?

Setting up the technology is just the first step. … Read More

[IMAGE] A book with the Facebook logo on it and a pair of headphones wrapped around the book

Why Facebook’s New Algorithm Is Good For Journalism

It’s time for journalism to get back to listening and engaging – and the rewards have never been greater … Read More

The Slack logo and the Talk logo with a plus sign between them, on a background of comment buttons

Slacking On

A new way to moderate comments … Read More

[IMAGE] A pair of dark-skinned hands wearing a gold watch are typing on a blue laptop keyboard

Marginalized Voices in Comment Spaces

What we learned from people whose voices were not represented in most comment sections … Read More

[IMAGE] A photo of Julia Chan in front of the Coral Project logo. She has long dark hair and wears glasses.

A New Advisor

Meet the newest member of our advisory board, Julia B. Chan … Read More

[PHOTO] Someone dressed as the Toxic Avenger at Comic Con, wearing a black t shirt and holding a green mop

Toxic Avengeance

A new Talk plugin uses Google technology to detect toxic comments before they are published … Read More

[IMAGE] A photograph taken on one side of a canyon showing two iron bridges close to each other, spanning the canyon. Small figures stand on the left bridge.

How we can agree to disagree

It is possible to turn an argument into a meaningful debate, argues the author of a new book on participatory journalism … Read More

[IMAGE] A background of closeups of forms asking for reader responses from Deseret News. In the foreground, the Deseret News logo and a question: "Would you be willing to share more of your story? If so, include your email address (Emails will remain private and not be published)" There is a green button below the question labeled Submit

It’s all about the Ask

How our tool ‘Ask’ helped a journalist write better questions, and receive incredible reader stories … Read More

A New York City street mural of Edgar Allan Poe and John Lee Hooker by Jef Aerosol

Listening 101

To understand what someone is trying to say, do the hard work … Read More

[IMAGE] The headline on a De Correspondent story. The headline reads 'Dear Shell Employees: Let's Talk' and next to it is a black and white illustration of the journalist who presents as a young white man with dark hair

De Correspondent: A New Kind of Journalism

“We tell our journalists: talking with readers is not extra work. It is your work.” … Read More

[IMAGE] Morning on the Charles River looking towards Boston from Cambridge. A road is in the foreground, the Boston skyline in the background. There are no cars or people.

12 Tips For Doing Journalism With Communities

If you plan it right, this can be the most fulfilling work of your career … Read More

Our First Talk Plugin

Less than two weeks after the release of Talk, we’re delighted to announce our first third-party plugin … Read More

[IMAGE] An image of an open cardboard box on a black background

The Empty Box

It’s time to be strategic around your comments … Read More

[IMAGE] A large TV graphic that says Aqui y Ahora in 3D letters. In the background of the graphic is a map of the world.

Preguntas y Respuestas

How Univision used our Ask tool as part of a live TV event … Read More

[IMAGE] A group of mostly female-presenting people of color with open laptops sitting around a meeting table

Help Us Broaden The Conversation

Announcing our latest research collaboration, an investigation into underserved communities of color … Read More

[IMAGE] Three multiple choice questions in Norwegian and a submit button

Questions and Answers

Can a quiz solve the problem of angry commenters? … Read More

[IMAGE] Three adults - two men, one woman - stand in front of a large image. They have their arms around each other, and they are smiling.

How To Build A Community Liaison Team

Inside Fusion’s attempts at a different kind of engagement … Read More