[IMAGE] An image of hands typing on a computer keyboard next to a piece of paper labeled 'how to engage in the comments'

How To Engage In The Comments: A Journalist’s Guide

There’s huge value in interacting with your community, both for your reporting and your company. Here’s how to do it effectively. … Read More

[IMAGE] A book with the Facebook logo on it and a pair of headphones wrapped around the book

Why Facebook’s New Algorithm Is Good For Journalism

It’s time for journalism to get back to listening and engaging – and the rewards have never been greater … Read More

[IMAGE] A pair of dark-skinned hands wearing a gold watch are typing on a blue laptop keyboard

Marginalized Voices in Comment Spaces

What we learned from people whose voices were not represented in most comment sections … Read More

[IMAGE] A photograph taken on one side of a canyon showing two iron bridges close to each other, spanning the canyon. Small figures stand on the left bridge.

How we can agree to disagree

It is possible to turn an argument into a meaningful debate, argues the author of a new book on participatory journalism … Read More

[IMAGE] The headline on a De Correspondent story. The headline reads 'Dear Shell Employees: Let's Talk' and next to it is a black and white illustration of the journalist who presents as a young white man with dark hair

De Correspondent: A New Kind of Journalism

“We tell our journalists: talking with readers is not extra work. It is your work.” … Read More

[IMAGE] Morning on the Charles River looking towards Boston from Cambridge. A road is in the foreground, the Boston skyline in the background. There are no cars or people.

12 Tips For Doing Journalism With Communities

If you plan it right, this can be the most fulfilling work of your career … Read More

[IMAGE] An image of an open cardboard box on a black background

The Empty Box

It’s time to be strategic around your comments … Read More

[IMAGE] A group of mostly female-presenting people of color with open laptops sitting around a meeting table

Help Us Broaden The Conversation

Announcing our latest research collaboration, an investigation into underserved communities of color … Read More

A collage of participants in Spaceship's group. Nine women of various age, race and appearance in portrait on a 3 x 3 grid

Talking Politics: An Interview With Spaceship Media

How a small organization created positive dialog between voters in Alabama and California … Read More

[IMAGE] A pair of white male hands holding a newspaper suggesting that someone out of shot is reading the newspaper

Your Best Stories of 2017

If you’re planning a big story in 2017, you should take inspiration from some of 2016’s best journalism. … Read More

[IMAGE] A woman is sitting at a white table, smiling, talking to another seated women whose back is facing the camera.

Time for Change

If we aren’t listening to people every day, why should they listen to us? … Read More

[IMAGE] A close-up of a loom with red, yellow, and white threads combining together.

How To Use Forms With Your Audience

If you don’t ask in the right way, you can alienate the readers with whom you’re trying to connect … Read More

[IMAGE] Close up of a polling card for the UK referendum on leaving the EU. In the foreground, it reads "Poll Card" in white letters on a black background.

Brexit and the value of the comments

Over the past few days, a number of online comments about Brexit have gone viral. It’s a sign of what we need to do next … Read More

[IMAGE] A pale hand is in the foreground blocking an unidentified person's face

How Can Newsrooms Not Be Creepy?

If journalists want readers to share personal information, they have to make them feel safe … Read More