Don’t let your comments undermine democracy

By Andrew Losowsky, Head of Coral by Vox Media Summary Change your moderation strategy and guidelines Reduce the number of articles with comments Write clear prompts and enforce boundaries  Remove rumors and misinformation, explain why Here in the United States, … Read More

A painted sign attached to a tree reads Danger - Beware of Bull

Five Myths of Community Design

Many online communities are based on a series of myths about how to design interaction. We’re making something different. … Read More

The Coral Project logo on a dark background with the Vox Media logo in the bottom right corner

What Happens Next: The Coral Project is Joining Vox Media

We’re so excited to announce the next phase of our work. … Read More

An illustration of four archetypes of moderation

The Power of Human Moderation

We describe four different archetypes for moderating communities … Read More

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When The Story Continues In The Comments

You never know who will leave a comment – sometimes it’s the subject of the article itself. … Read More

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Happy Hacktoberfest!

Be part of Hacktoberfest and help improve our tools … Read More

Three black women are seated at a table with computers in front of them. One is speaking, the others are listening.

The Results of Our Survey of Marginalized Voices

The voices of women of color and gender nonbinary people of color are often missing from the comments. We surveyed more than 350 people to find out why – and what we can do about it. … Read More

[IMAGE] Three multiple choice questions in Norwegian and a submit button

Questions and Answers

Can a quiz solve the problem of angry commenters? … Read More

[IMAGE] Close up of a polling card for the UK referendum on leaving the EU. In the foreground, it reads "Poll Card" in white letters on a black background.

Brexit and the value of the comments

Over the past few days, a number of online comments about Brexit have gone viral. It’s a sign of what we need to do next … Read More

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A Change of Focus

Our Project Lead explains why we’ve altered our approach … Read More

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Join us

We’ve opened up our repos, launched a community forum, and we want you to join us in our mission. … Read More

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Our Code of Conduct

We expect everyone contributing to The Coral Project to follow this code. … Read More

man dressed as Judge Dredd with a blonde woman saluting behind him dressed as Anderson, at San Diego ComicCon

Internet Comments and The Law

Are sites ever legally responsible for what’s posted by the community? Here’s what can and can’t get you in trouble. … Read More

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What makes us different

There are many existing comment platform vendors out there. We’re not like them. … Read More

A black and white image of a signboard that reads "Don't Read This". Photo by the autowitch, (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

A problem like the comments

What is the journalistic purpose of engagement and community? … Read More

Illustration of a blue background, red lips and a yellow X on top of the lips as if silencing them.

Killing the comments — what’s next?

Some high-profile websites are closing their comments sections. Are comments broken or do we need some better tools? By Federica Cherubini. … Read More

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Introducing Our Community Lead

We’re excited for you to meet the latest member of the team. … Read More

A colorful image of a coral reef underwater. Photo: Jim Maragos/U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, CC-BY-2.0

Here we are

What we’ll be doing, how we’ll be doing it, and how you can help us. … Read More