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It’s October, which can only mean one thing: it’s time for Hacktoberfest, the month-long celebration of open source software, and we’re thrilled to participate once again. You can find our Hacktoberfest issues here, and read our technical docs here.

This means we’re looking for Hacktoberfest contributors to help us improve Talk, our open source commenting tool designed for better conversations.

Talk powers the comments on more than 25 sites in 11 countries, including The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, The Intercept, and The Globe and Mail – which means your contributions will help improve discussions between readers and journalists around politics, local issues, and more. Because journalism needs everyone.

We’ve created and labeled more than 50 issues, from Good First Issues to more complex features, so whatever your expertise, you can get involved and contribute to an open source project that is working on making the internet a better place to talk. We’ll be adding more throughout the month, so watch our GitHub repo for ways to join our amazing community of contributors.

Last year, dozens of you participated, and helped bring features and fixes that millions of readers have already benefited from. We’re excited to bring more people into our community, and to join all Hacktoberfest projects in adding your super powers to open source software. We couldn’t do it without you. So if you’re a developer and want to help, you can get started by reviewing our issues on GitHub.

Questions? Simply email us at support@coralproject.net. Thank you and have a wonderful Hacktoberfest!
Photo by torange.biz, CC-BY 4.0