The Coral Project logo on a dark background with the Vox Media logo in the bottom right corner

What Happens Next: The Coral Project is Joining Vox Media

We’re so excited to announce the next phase of our work. … Read More

Three women working on laptops, talking to each other (Image: WOCInTechChat, CC-BY)

Join us in making the internet better

An exciting announcement about the future of The Coral Project … Read More

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The General Data Protection Regulation & Us

How we’re making it easy for you to be GDPR compliant with Talk … Read More

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Our First Hack Day

Our team spent a day focusing on side projects that help our work. Here’s what we made. … Read More

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Slacking On

A new way to moderate comments … Read More

[IMAGE] A photo of Julia Chan in front of the Coral Project logo. She has long dark hair and wears glasses.

A New Advisor

Meet the newest member of our advisory board, Julia B. Chan … Read More

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Preguntas y Respuestas

How Univision used our Ask tool as part of a live TV event … Read More

[IMAGE] A group of mostly female-presenting people of color with open laptops sitting around a meeting table

Help Us Broaden The Conversation

Announcing our latest research collaboration, an investigation into underserved communities of color … Read More

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12,000 people have something to say

We’ve just released a study of thousands of commenters, conducted with the Engaging News Project at the University of Texas-Austin … Read More

[IMAGE] An animation of the Ask form builder in action, building a form

It’s time for you to try Ask

Our first product, Ask, is available for you to download and use … Read More

[IMAGE] A close-up of a loom with red, yellow, and white threads combining together.

How To Use Forms With Your Audience

If you don’t ask in the right way, you can alienate the readers with whom you’re trying to connect … Read More

[IMAGE] A group of people, some sitting, some standing, inside a large room. Many are working on laptops. They look to be aged around 20-40 years old. There is a mix of men and women.

Our First Hackathon

Earlier this month in Washington, DC, we held a collaborative event around data and visualization. Here’s what everyone made … Read More

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Three new users

We’ve added some new users to our personas list … Read More

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A Change of Focus

Our Project Lead explains why we’ve altered our approach … Read More

[IMAGE] A grid of 12 images and accompanying text. The images are all of people, of varying ages and races. The texts are barely readable, and contain small biographical information and detail about each person's job and needs related to the work of The Coral Project.

Meet Our Users

We’ve created a fictional group of personas to help us build for real user needs. How can we improve them? … Read More

[IMAGE] A paper prototype presentation from Beyond Comments at the MIT Media Lab. Three people stand in front of a table with the person in the center holding a large piece of paper containing rough sketches. Behind them are various presenters. The person on the left has a microphone.

Beyond Comments: Our First Event

What would our software look like as a real-world experience? … Read More

Written in yellow chalk on a sidewalk are the words "Welcome. Key is under this mat."

Join us

We’ve opened up our repos, launched a community forum, and we want you to join us in our mission. … Read More

This Year In Coral

Here’s what we did and what’s next. … Read More

A small girl is bent over on a beach, drawing a line in the sand

Our Code of Conduct

We expect everyone contributing to The Coral Project to follow this code. … Read More

The Math Behind the Metrics

Measuring trust is no simple matter. It requires a lot of careful thought – and some math. … Read More

Our First Technology Decisions

It’s hard to code something out of nothing. Here are the first technology decisions we’ve had to make. … Read More

A series of cogs and wheels that show different numbers

How Can Our Trust Tool Help You?

We want to hear from you. Tell us how you might use our first product. … Read More

A group of chinese statues of lions face to the right away from the camera except for one that faces the camera. Photo by MC-Pictures/CC-BY

What makes us different

There are many existing comment platform vendors out there. We’re not like them. … Read More

A white man wearing a t shirt, aged in his 30s, is crowdsurfing on top of many people's hands. He points at the camera.

Our First Product

We’re building a tool to help publishers better manage their roster of commenters and contributors. It’s the first of many tools to come. … Read More

I’ve done a lot of internet commentary

Comment sections exist because we feel a need to connect around the news. How do we honor that intention while creating a safer space for everyone? … Read More

A black and white image of a signboard that reads "Don't Read This". Photo by the autowitch, (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

A problem like the comments

What is the journalistic purpose of engagement and community? … Read More

CC-NC-BY Image by James Carlson

Introducing Our Community Lead

We’re excited for you to meet the latest member of the team. … Read More

A colorful image of a coral reef underwater. Photo: Jim Maragos/U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, CC-BY-2.0

Here we are

What we’ll be doing, how we’ll be doing it, and how you can help us. … Read More