[IMAGE] A bizarre statue featuring a mythical creature reading a book while pouring a glass of liquid into its head. In the background is a large church.

Back in March, we released the set of personas that are guiding us as we create our software — a set of 20 amalgams based on the hundreds of discussions since the project was announced.

A few weeks later, Stephanie Daugherty, a member of our Coral community, suggested three types of users that she thought weren’t represented.

We agreed. And now, better late than never, we’ve added new personas to fit her descriptions: sneaky troll Jackson, passionate commenter Adeline, and angry mob The Swarm.

[IMAGE] A card representing a user persona called Jackson who enjoys baiting commenters into arguments

[IMAGE] Card containing a commenter called Adeline who wants to customize her own comment space.

[IMAGE] Card containing a user group called The Swarm, which enjoys disrupting conversations en masse

You can view all of the personas here and download a PDF on this page.

Are there tweaks you’d make to our personas? Let us know in the community!

Photo by Greg Barber. Used with permission.