A pair of hands type on a laptop keyboard (Image: WOCInTechChat, CC-BY)

Our First Hack Day

Our team spent a day focusing on side projects that help our work. Here’s what we made. … Read More

[IMAGE] A large crowd of people facing away from the camera. They are all wearing hats, mostly cowboy or straw hats. You cannot see anybody's faces.

The Real Name Fallacy

Many say that horrible comments would vanish if people were forced to use their real names. Thirty years of research suggests otherwise. … Read More

[IMAGE] The back of a video camera. On the screen is a seated, young woman with brown skin, looking down.

What Do Frequent Commenters Want?

A detailed look at the habits and needs of 15 people who spend a lot of time in the comments … Read More

Picture of colored light fountain in soothing blues

Can Design Make the Comments Nicer?

What does signing in to comments tell us about comment spaces? Caroline Sinders takes a look … Read More

[IMAGE] A long, covered walkway with arches opening into a green courtyard. One woman is walking away from the camera in the distance.

Coral Design Series: Introducing Emma

Emma Grdina shares questions she wants to answer with our design … Read More