[IMAGE] A long, covered walkway with arches opening into a green courtyard. One woman is walking away from the camera in the distance.

I’m Emma Grdina, the Lead Designer for the Coral Project. I also work on the Digital Design team at The Washington Post, and I’m interested in creating engaging online spaces that people look forward to visiting.

The Coral Project exists at the intersection of technology, community, and design. As Lead Designer, my focus is on answering questions such as:

• How can we make community members feel safe and included through good design?
• Are the tools we’ve created easy to use?
• Does the design allow users seamlessly to achieve their many and varied goals?

I’ll be posting a regular column here about The Coral Project’s design strategy and methods related to user experience. I’ll share how we’re approaching our design, open up our process, and invite your collaboration.

I believe that the best designs address problems that people face everyday, and helps make their lives better. Real life is messy. The internet doesn’t have to be.

I hope you’ll join us in this journey.

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