A collage of participants in Spaceship's group. Nine women of various age, race and appearance in portrait on a 3 x 3 grid

Talking Politics: An Interview With Spaceship Media

How a small organization created positive dialog between voters in Alabama and California … Read More

[IMAGE] The back of a video camera. On the screen is a seated, young woman with brown skin, looking down.

What Do Frequent Commenters Want?

A detailed look at the habits and needs of 15 people who spend a lot of time in the comments … Read More

The Opening of a Concert with a large screen facing a filling stadium

Valuing The Public

“Conversation is everything. It challenges what the scope of a work really is.” – An interview with journalist Mónica Guzmán … Read More

New Community Tools: Hearken

An exciting tool that increases engagement and connections between newsrooms and the public … Read More

[IMAGE] The GroundSource logo: a conversation balloon composed of smaller multicolored balloons

New Community Tools : Groundsource

GroundSource increases audience engagement through the simplest of tech platforms … Read More

[IMAGE] A woman (Talia Stroud) with light skin and brown hair presents to the left of a blue text filled screen holding a clicker and wearing a lanyard.

Where The Audience Is At

There are better ways to handle your comments, says The Engaging News Project’s Dr. Talia Stroud … Read More