An illustration of four archetypes of moderation

The Power of Human Moderation

We describe four different archetypes for moderating communities … Read More

Three black women are seated at a table with computers in front of them. One is speaking, the others are listening.

The Results of Our Survey of Marginalized Voices

The voices of women of color and gender nonbinary people of color are often missing from the comments. We surveyed more than 350 people to find out why – and what we can do about it. … Read More

[IMAGE] A pair of dark-skinned hands wearing a gold watch are typing on a blue laptop keyboard

Marginalized Voices in Comment Spaces

What we learned from people whose voices were not represented in most comment sections … Read More

[IMAGE] A group of mostly female-presenting people of color with open laptops sitting around a meeting table

Help Us Broaden The Conversation

Announcing our latest research collaboration, an investigation into underserved communities of color … Read More

[IMAGE] A light-skinned woman who appears to be in her 20s, wearing a white sweater and bright red scarf, prepares crepes outside of Quasimodo Cafe on the Rue D'arc in Paris

What Women Want in a Community

To increase the diversity of your community, you need to know the social rewards and cues that work for many women … Read More

[IMAGE] A large crowd of people with arms raised, smiling at the camera. In the background is an umbrella that looks like a ladybug. The image appears to have been taken of a crowd at a concert during the day time.

12,000 people have something to say

We’ve just released a study of thousands of commenters, conducted with the Engaging News Project at the University of Texas-Austin … Read More

[IMAGE] A large crowd of people facing away from the camera. They are all wearing hats, mostly cowboy or straw hats. You cannot see anybody's faces.

The Real Name Fallacy

Many say that horrible comments would vanish if people were forced to use their real names. Thirty years of research suggests otherwise. … Read More

[IMAGE] The back of a video camera. On the screen is a seated, young woman with brown skin, looking down.

What Do Frequent Commenters Want?

A detailed look at the habits and needs of 15 people who spend a lot of time in the comments … Read More

[IMAGE] An outlined map of the world on a dark background. Lines suggesting launches of something are shooting from various countries, with others marked like targets with concentric circles.

User-Submitted Malware: A Safety Guide For Journalists

When you ask people to send you images and documents, you are creating a potential risk for your newsroom … Read More

[IMAGE] A close-up of a loom with red, yellow, and white threads combining together.

How To Use Forms With Your Audience

If you don’t ask in the right way, you can alienate the readers with whom you’re trying to connect … Read More

New Community Tools: Hearken

An exciting tool that increases engagement and connections between newsrooms and the public … Read More

Picture of colored light fountain in soothing blues

Can Design Make the Comments Nicer?

What does signing in to comments tell us about comment spaces? Caroline Sinders takes a look … Read More

[IMAGE] A pale hand is in the foreground blocking an unidentified person's face

How Can Newsrooms Not Be Creepy?

If journalists want readers to share personal information, they have to make them feel safe … Read More

[IMAGE] A bizarre statue featuring a mythical creature reading a book while pouring a glass of liquid into its head. In the background is a large church.

Three new users

We’ve added some new users to our personas list … Read More

[IMAGE] The GroundSource logo: a conversation balloon composed of smaller multicolored balloons

New Community Tools : Groundsource

GroundSource increases audience engagement through the simplest of tech platforms … Read More

[IMAGE] The New York Public Library main branch reading room. People seated at large desks under a painted ceiling with window lined walls

Artificial Moderation: A Reading List

Current academic research in artificial moderation … Read More

[IMAGE} A printing of a Renaissance engraving of the School of Athens. A group of men stand ,sit and lounge in a large room in Classical Greek dress.

How To Argue Successfully Online

If we can’t agree on basic reality or facts, how can we discuss what’s right and wrong? … Read More

[IMAGE] A woman (Talia Stroud) with light skin and brown hair presents to the left of a blue text filled screen holding a clicker and wearing a lanyard.

Where The Audience Is At

There are better ways to handle your comments, says The Engaging News Project’s Dr. Talia Stroud … Read More

[IMAGE] A grid of 12 images and accompanying text. The images are all of people, of varying ages and races. The texts are barely readable, and contain small biographical information and detail about each person's job and needs related to the work of The Coral Project.

Meet Our Users

We’ve created a fictional group of personas to help us build for real user needs. How can we improve them? … Read More

The Stanley Kubrick exhibit at Los Angeles County Museum of Art. It looks like a series of ornate, lit street lamps with people walking among them. There are palm trees, and two people in the foreground talking. It is dusk.

Creating Community Culture

How to build a space that helps people build relationships with each other … Read More

Depicted here is a pen-drawn mockup for Swift Impressions: a theoretical contest for users to submit videos of their best Taylor Swift impressions.

Alternative News Editors Offer Alternatives to Commenting

What can Taylor Swift and the Super Bowl teach us about audience? … Read More

Advice for the Accidental Community Manager

Librarian, internet folk hero and former Metafilter moderator Jessamyn West explains how to run a successful community. … Read More

New Community Tools: Civil Comments

Second in a series about new community tools. … Read More

Raising Women’s Voices

The absence of women’s voices is a problem for democracy, and for news organizations’ bottom lines.
Read More

New Community Tools: Polis

The first in a series about innovative approaches to online discussion. … Read More

The Math Behind the Metrics

Measuring trust is no simple matter. It requires a lot of careful thought – and some math. … Read More

man dressed as Judge Dredd with a blonde woman saluting behind him dressed as Anderson, at San Diego ComicCon

Internet Comments and The Law

Are sites ever legally responsible for what’s posted by the community? Here’s what can and can’t get you in trouble. … Read More

Who Comments on the Commenters?

Agence France-Presse has written an interesting piece about comments on news sites. Here’s what its commenters said to us. … Read More

A series of cogs and wheels that show different numbers

How Can Our Trust Tool Help You?

We want to hear from you. Tell us how you might use our first product. … Read More

On The Same Page?

Why the discussions around comments and community need to focus on access and diversity. … Read More