[IMAGE] A group of mostly female-presenting people of color with open laptops sitting around a meeting table

Help Us Broaden The Conversation

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[IMAGE] A close-up of a loom with red, yellow, and white threads combining together.

How To Use Forms With Your Audience

If you don’t ask in the right way, you can alienate the readers with whom you’re trying to connect … Read More

[IMAGE] A paper prototype presentation from Beyond Comments at the MIT Media Lab. Three people stand in front of a table with the person in the center holding a large piece of paper containing rough sketches. Behind them are various presenters. The person on the left has a microphone.

Beyond Comments: Our First Event

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New Community Tools: Civil Comments

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This Year In Coral

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New Community Tools: Polis

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On The Same Page?

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I’ve done a lot of internet commentary

Comment sections exist because we feel a need to connect around the news. How do we honor that intention while creating a safer space for everyone? … Read More