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Engagement editors, moderators, and other community minded professionals: we need your help.

We’ve told you about our first product, reputation management software to help publishers find and highlight contributions from their best commenters.

We’re talking to many potential users about what we’re building – and we also want to hear from you.

Let’s start with our first product. What specific needs could this software help you meet? How would you want it fit into your workflow?

Angel Colberg, our principal UX designer and developer, cooked up a few sample responses based on what some of you have already told us:

• As a reporter/editor, I need to be able to easily find the best contributions submitted in an interactive space on my pages.

• As an engagement editor, I need to have tools to pass on knowledge about commenters, from active trolls to most valued users. This is so that user behavior can be understood in context, and so institutional knowledge isn’t lost if a moderator leaves.

• As an engagement editor, I need to configure, customize, and extend my toolset.

What are we missing from this list? Please let us know here.

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