A painted sign attached to a tree reads Danger - Beware of Bull

Five Myths of Community Design

Many online communities are based on a series of myths about how to design interaction. We’re making something different. … Read More

An illustration of four archetypes of moderation

The Power of Human Moderation

We describe four different archetypes for moderating communities … Read More

[IMAGE] A pair of brown-skinned hands are typing on a laptop. The face of the typist isn't visible.

When The Story Continues In The Comments

You never know who will leave a comment – sometimes it’s the subject of the article itself. … Read More

A screenshot of a webpage from the Boston Globe - headline reads Discuss Spotlight Part One: Does Boston Deserve Its Racist Reputation?

How Spotlight Uses Ask

The Boston Globe reached out to us to help them with engagement around divisive topics. The result was a Finalist in this year’s Pulitzer Prizes … Read More

[IMAGE] A large red button in front of a series of switches

You’ve Installed Talk. Now What?

Setting up the technology is just the first step. … Read More

The Slack logo and the Talk logo with a plus sign between them, on a background of comment buttons

Slacking On

A new way to moderate comments … Read More

[PHOTO] Someone dressed as the Toxic Avenger at Comic Con, wearing a black t shirt and holding a green mop

Toxic Avengeance

A new Talk plugin uses Google technology to detect toxic comments before they are published … Read More

[IMAGE] A background of closeups of forms asking for reader responses from Deseret News. In the foreground, the Deseret News logo and a question: "Would you be willing to share more of your story? If so, include your email address (Emails will remain private and not be published)" There is a green button below the question labeled Submit

It’s all about the Ask

How our tool ‘Ask’ helped a journalist write better questions, and receive incredible reader stories … Read More

Our First Talk Plugin

Less than two weeks after the release of Talk, we’re delighted to announce our first third-party plugin … Read More

[IMAGE] An image of an open cardboard box on a black background

The Empty Box

It’s time to be strategic around your comments … Read More

[IMAGE] A large TV graphic that says Aqui y Ahora in 3D letters. In the background of the graphic is a map of the world.

Preguntas y Respuestas

How Univision used our Ask tool as part of a live TV event … Read More