Our open-source comment platform Talk has a lot of great features – one of which is a plugin architecture that allows for a wide range of customization.

It also enables companies to provide services within our platform. Just as we were putting the finishing touches on the architecture, the company Sherloq got in touch, and within a week, we had our first third-party plugin.

We asked Jonathan Leibiusky, Sherloq’s CTO and cofounder, to tell us more about how they developed it. And if you’re interested in developing plugins for Talk, you can read more about it here.

What is Sherloq? How does it work?
Sherloq is a product that helps companies to create toxic-free discussions and environments. It uses the latest advances of Artificial Intelligence, specifically Deep Learning, to detect hate speech, harassment, and other types of cyberbullying in all kind of contents.

We found out about Coral around November 2016 through a friend who met someone from the team at an event.

What do you think about our open-source commenting system, Talk?
We think an open-source commenting system is very important, and the fact it has plugins makes it a lot more interesting for all kind of companies. We love open source! We use it, and we build all kind of open-source projects.

What does the Sherloq plugin do?
It detects if a published comment contains hate speech or any kind of harassment, and automatically takes action by flagging for moderator attention, or rejecting it, depending on the severity of the language.

See how it works below:


How easy was it to integrate Sherloq as a plugin?
It took a little time to understand the philosophy behind Talk’s plugin architecture system, but once you get the idea, it’s super easy to integrate.

The Coral community is awesome and super responsive in giving guidance on how to accomplish specific tasks.

Read more about Talk and let us know if we can help you develop your own plug in.


UPDATE, 6/6/17: We’ve heard from Sherloq that, due to lack of business, they are no longer in operation. Watch this space for more open-source plugins soon.