A pair of hands type on a laptop keyboard (Image: WOCInTechChat, CC-BY)

Our First Hack Day

Our team spent a day focusing on side projects that help our work. Here’s what we made. … Read More

[PHOTO] Someone dressed as the Toxic Avenger at Comic Con, wearing a black t shirt and holding a green mop

Toxic Avengeance

A new Talk plugin uses Google technology to detect toxic comments before they are published … Read More

[IMAGE] The headline on a De Correspondent story. The headline reads 'Dear Shell Employees: Let's Talk' and next to it is a black and white illustration of the journalist who presents as a young white man with dark hair

De Correspondent: A New Kind of Journalism

“We tell our journalists: talking with readers is not extra work. It is your work.” … Read More

Our First Talk Plugin

Less than two weeks after the release of Talk, we’re delighted to announce our first third-party plugin … Read More

[IMAGE] An image of an open cardboard box on a black background

The Empty Box

It’s time to be strategic around your comments … Read More

[IMAGE] Three multiple choice questions in Norwegian and a submit button

Questions and Answers

Can a quiz solve the problem of angry commenters? … Read More

[IMAGE] An animation of the Ask form builder in action, building a form

It’s time for you to try Ask

Our first product, Ask, is available for you to download and use … Read More

New Community Tools: Hearken

An exciting tool that increases engagement and connections between newsrooms and the public … Read More

[IMAGE] The GroundSource logo: a conversation balloon composed of smaller multicolored balloons

New Community Tools : Groundsource

GroundSource increases audience engagement through the simplest of tech platforms … Read More

New Community Tools: Civil Comments

Second in a series about new community tools. … Read More

New Community Tools: Polis

The first in a series about innovative approaches to online discussion. … Read More