[IMAGE] A book with the Facebook logo on it and a pair of headphones wrapped around the book

Why Facebook’s New Algorithm Is Good For Journalism

It’s time for journalism to get back to listening and engaging – and the rewards have never been greater … Read More

[IMAGE] A photograph taken on one side of a canyon showing two iron bridges close to each other, spanning the canyon. Small figures stand on the left bridge.

How we can agree to disagree

It is possible to turn an argument into a meaningful debate, argues the author of a new book on participatory journalism … Read More

A New York City street mural of Edgar Allan Poe and John Lee Hooker by Jef Aerosol

Listening 101

To understand what someone is trying to say, do the hard work … Read More

[IMAGE] Morning on the Charles River looking towards Boston from Cambridge. A road is in the foreground, the Boston skyline in the background. There are no cars or people.

12 Tips For Doing Journalism With Communities

If you plan it right, this can be the most fulfilling work of your career … Read More

[IMAGE] Three adults - two men, one woman - stand in front of a large image. They have their arms around each other, and they are smiling.

How To Build A Community Liaison Team

Inside Fusion’s attempts at a different kind of engagement … Read More

Picture of Building Under Construction

Building Productive Partnerships for Community Engaged Journalism

How can you build connections that lead to great journalistic content? … Read More

[IMAGE] A light-skinned woman who appears to be in her 20s, wearing a white sweater and bright red scarf, prepares crepes outside of Quasimodo Cafe on the Rue D'arc in Paris

What Women Want in a Community

To increase the diversity of your community, you need to know the social rewards and cues that work for many women … Read More

[IMAGE] A large crowd of people facing away from the camera. They are all wearing hats, mostly cowboy or straw hats. You cannot see anybody's faces.

The Real Name Fallacy

Many say that horrible comments would vanish if people were forced to use their real names. Thirty years of research suggests otherwise. … Read More

[IMAGE] Labyrinth at Chartres Cathedral. Visitors walking on an inlaid stone labyrinth

Coding Away The Game

How Slashdot improved behavior using a secret piece of programming … Read More

A selection from the Bayeux Tapestry featuring a charge by William the Conqueror

When The Trolls Arrive

In the second part in our series on the creation of Slashdot, its co-founder reflects on the arrival of the trolls … Read More

New Community Tools: Hearken

An exciting tool that increases engagement and connections between newsrooms and the public … Read More

Picture of colored light fountain in soothing blues

Can Design Make the Comments Nicer?

What does signing in to comments tell us about comment spaces? Caroline Sinders takes a look … Read More

Let’s Begin at the Beginning

Rob Malda, co-founder of Slashdot, starts a series on how he built the world-famous online community … Read More

[IMAGE] The New York Public Library main branch reading room. People seated at large desks under a painted ceiling with window lined walls

Artificial Moderation: A Reading List

Current academic research in artificial moderation … Read More

[IMAGE} A printing of a Renaissance engraving of the School of Athens. A group of men stand ,sit and lounge in a large room in Classical Greek dress.

How To Argue Successfully Online

If we can’t agree on basic reality or facts, how can we discuss what’s right and wrong? … Read More

[IMAGE] A woman (Talia Stroud) with light skin and brown hair presents to the left of a blue text filled screen holding a clicker and wearing a lanyard.

Where The Audience Is At

There are better ways to handle your comments, says The Engaging News Project’s Dr. Talia Stroud … Read More

[IMAGE] Two people sat on a part bench reading newspapers. Their faces are obscured.

Finding Your Top Commenters

What the New York Times learned from talking to its top contributors … Read More

The Stanley Kubrick exhibit at Los Angeles County Museum of Art. It looks like a series of ornate, lit street lamps with people walking among them. There are palm trees, and two people in the foreground talking. It is dusk.

Creating Community Culture

How to build a space that helps people build relationships with each other … Read More

Advice for the Accidental Community Manager

Librarian, internet folk hero and former Metafilter moderator Jessamyn West explains how to run a successful community. … Read More


Raising Women’s Voices

The absence of women’s voices is a problem for democracy, and for news organizations’ bottom lines.
Read More

Illustration of a blue background, red lips and a yellow X on top of the lips as if silencing them.

Killing the comments — what’s next?

Some high-profile websites are closing their comments sections. Are comments broken or do we need some better tools? By Federica Cherubini. … Read More

Design the worst online community possible! (Photo: Andrew Losowsky)

Designing Digital Communities @ SRCCON

What’s the worst online community you could imagine? The answers from SRCCON attendees might horrify you. … Read More