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Low-quality comments aren’t a technology problem. We offer unparalleled expertise and training to help you adapt your strategy and improve the community. We can help you: Devise a comments strategy Train your moderators Create thematic strategies Know when to close your comments Persuade journalists to engage

A woman works on a laptop surrounded by books (image: WOCInTechChat, CC-BY)
A man with his back to the camera is facing a wall of paper containing images and printouts

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We publish free online guides to community journalism, written by industry experts, for all types of engagement. There are currently more than 70 articles on our site, including pieces on: How to create a code of conduct How to support a moderation team How to crowdsource effectively How to manage a Facebook Group How to engage in the comments

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We work with academics and researchers to learn more about online communities, and to understand whose voices aren't being heard, and why.

A woman works on a laptop surrounded by books (image: WOCInTechChat, CC-BY)
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