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Coral improves community on your website through open source software, effective design, and strategies that work.

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For commenters

Join a strong community

With Coral, your commenters can identify journalists in the conversation, mute annoying voices, share discussions, receive notifications, and see new comment alerts instantly.

For moderators

Effective and easy to use moderation tools

A full suite of tools helps moderators easily identify disruptive comments and surface the best submissions, supported by smart AI technology.

For journalists

Built for publishing

Coral increases loyalty and engagement on your website, giving you complete control of the interactions and data, without inserting any ads or trackers on your page. And it works great on mobile.

Fully customizable

Lightweight, secure, flexible, and responsive

Developers love working with Coral. You can easily connect it to your existing registration system, fully customize the look and feel, and extend the platform with our GraphQL API and by adding features to the open source codebase.

no ads

Privacy first

We care deeply about user privacy. There are no ads, no trackers, no hidden pixels or marketing scripts anywhere in our code. This makes Coral more secure, faster to load, and transparently better for you and your community.

What newsrooms are saying

Coral is used across the globe in 30 countries and 23 languages, by publishers large and small.

"They think like journalists, they constantly add improvements, and their focus is on improving the content of our comments, not just in creating a platform."

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Rubina Madan Fillion
Director of Audience Engagement
"Coral is purpose-built for media, is open-source, and has the weight of large publishers behind it. The commercial commenting solutions are woeful."

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Damian Cronan
Chief Technology Officer
"Coral's greatest strengths are its functionality and its flexibility. It offers us the tools we need to highlight reader voices and foster community in the comments section, while giving us the leeway to integrate our own technologies."
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Teddy Amenabar
Comments Editor

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