The Coral Project

Because journalism needs everyone

Our Mission

The Coral Project brings journalists and the communities they serve closer together through open-source tools and strategies. Our goals:

  • To increase public trust in journalism
  • To improve the diversity of voices and experiences in reporting
  • To make journalism stronger by making it more relevant to people’s lives
  • To create safer, more productive online dialog

    Because journalism needs everyone.

    We are a project of the Mozilla Foundation, and were founded in collaboration with the New York Times and the Washington Post, with an initial grant from the Knight Foundation.

    And the name? Coral’s intricate reef systems protect shorelines and give cover for organisms to connect and evolve. Like coral, we create the structures that let communities thrive.

Our Funders

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Craig Newmark Philanthropies

Our Team

Andrew Losowsky

Andrew Losowsky

Project Lead
I drink a lot of tea. Previously: The Huffington Post, News Corp, John S. Knight Fellow at Stanford University, Visiting Fellow at Yale's Information Society Project, various startups.
Wyatt Johnson

Wyatt Johnson

Lead Engineer
I’m a full-stack software developer with a security-first mindset. I create backend systems that handle the data in a responsible and monitored way. For fun, I run and climb things.
Kim Gardner

Kim Gardner

Technical Project Manager
I’m passionate about methodologies and tools that create a respectful, productive, and fun environment. Most recently, I've worked at The New York Times, Shutterstock, my own startups and others.
Sam Hankins

Samantha Hankins

Lead Designer
My design process and voice are grounded in my previous work in the hospitality, legal, and educational fields. Previously: building communities IRL around diversity and inclusion at the Maurice A. Deane School of Law at Hofstra University.
A photo of Jessie Rushing

Jessie Rushing

Integration Engineer
I’ve run wholesale distribution companies, grown startups, and been an accountant. Previously I owned a software consulting practice, but that wasn’t technical enough, so I became a engineer. I love solving complex operational challenges with technology and if I’m not doing that, I’m probably out trail running.
Belen Curcio

Belén Curcio

Lead Frontend Developer
I'm a software developer passionate about web technologies. If I can't find a solution, I create it. In my free time, I like to contribute to open-source projects, explore tech communities, and solve Rubik's Cubes.
Chi Vinh Le

Chi Vinh Le

Full-Stack Developer
I’m a Digital Nomad with a growth mindset and a passion for Software Architectures and Open-Source technologies. I also do improv and love languages.
Sydette Harry

Sydette Harry

Editor at Large
I am an avid internet commenter on anywhere that will give me a password. I’ve worked in cultural arts, tech and project curation, and my writing has been on, Salon, and The Toast.
Dan SInker

Dan Sinker

Project Advisor
I am the director of OpenNews as well as a journalist, entrepreneur, and maker based out of Chicago. I taught digital journalism at Columbia College Chicago, was a Knight Fellow at Stanford University, and founded and ran the magazine Punk Planet.
Katharina Borchert

Katharina Borchert

Project Advisor
I serve as the senior executive broadly responsible for fostering Mozilla’s culture of open innovation. My background includes more than a decade of new business growth and technological innovation in media and journalism, most recently as CEO at Spiegel Online.
Greg Barber

Greg Barber

Project Advisor
I’ve made a career of startups within news organizations. My work is focused on interactivity, personalization, and news games as Director of Digital News Projects at The Washington Post.
Julia B Chan

Julia B. Chan

Project Advisor
I’m Director of Audience at Mother Jones, where I lead digital and engagement projects. I was previously Digital Editor at The Center for Investigative Reporting. I serve on AAJA’s national governing board and founded Journalists of Color, a global community of digitally savvy and diverse journalists.
Marc Lavallee

Marc Lavallee

Project Advisor
I’m an executive director at The New York Times, and the head of Story[X], the newsroom’s research and development group. Prior to joining The Times in 2011, I worked at NPR, The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, and National Journal.

Background photos on the homepage by WOCinTechChat (CC-BY)