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“The Coral Project worked out spectacularly from our perspective. We received about 1,400 comments from readers, and our Ask pages were heavily trafficked. The submissions were respectful and thoughtful – exactly what we were hoping for.”
- Jason Tuohey, Deputy Managing Editor, The Boston Globe

If you want to ask your audience a specific question to improve your reporting, you can give out your email, ask people to use social media or the comments box, or use a third-party form/survey tool.

None of these are built for the needs of journalists. Our Ask tool is.

Ask is a form builder, submission manager, and gallery display tool. Learn more about all the features Ask offers.

Better journalism:

Improved design and accessibility:

More efficient response management:

Stronger user privacy:

Ask is open source and fully customizable. You own your install of Ask, and can optimize it for your needs.

Ask is available now to download and run on your server. Contact us if you would like help in installing or are interested in our hosting Ask for you.

You can see Ask in action here and on our Contribute page.

Ask also powers our free, customizable interactive. See it in action at philly.com and visit here for installation instructions.


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