Q&A Case Study

Ask the Mayor

The State newspaper asked the mayor of Columbia, SC to answer readers' questions.

Here's how they used Coral to make that possible.

Headline from The State introducing the Q&A

Stage one: the Q&A is announced

The State publishes an article inviting questions from their audience. They set Coral's Q&A tool to 'pre-moderate all questions,' and some readers submit questions in advance.
Learn more about the tool here.

Text of an article introducing the mayoral q&a
Tweet about an upcoming Q&A
Tweet about the Q&A

Stage two: the Mayor arrives

Mayor Benjamin opens the article and answers questions submitted and voted upon by readers. His replies are marked with a badge and automatically placed in the 'Answered' column.

Screenshot of Q&A with the mayor of Colombia

Readers can ask more questions, vote on his answers, see questions he hasn't answered yet, and reply to him and to each other. As more questions come in, a member of The State team approves them for publication.

A screenshot of the moderation interface

Sometimes, a journalist adds more context to his answers.

A message from a journalist in The State newsroom

Stage three: the Q&A is over

After 30 minutes, the live Q&A ends. The State changes the message on Coral and prevents more submissions.

A message about the Q&A being over

What they said

It went very well. The interface was easy, and the questions and replies updated really quickly on both the site and in the moderation portal. – Cal Lundmark, Southeast editor of audience growth & loyalty, McClatchy Co. Read the original article.

A thread of questions and answers

Try it for yourself

Coral Q&A is fast and easy to install, and is available only to Coral customers.

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