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Our new Q&A tool makes it easy to provide your audience with essential information.
Readers ask, reporters and invited experts answer – live and only on your site.

"A tool I always dreamed of having in my years doing community work"
– Lilah Raptopoulos, US Head of Audience Engagement, The Financial Times

This tool is exclusively available to Coral customers.

Easy-to-use platform

With Coral Q&A, your readers can easily:

  • View answers by verified experts

  • Ask essential questions to gain information

  • Vote on questions the experts should answer

  • Join the discussion with the community

  • Share advice and ideas with each other

  • ...and much more

Screenshot of the Q&A format showing an introduction, a submission box and some answered questions
Screenshot of single article moderation options
A screenshot of the moderation interface

Effective Moderation

As a part of the Coral platform, our Q&A tool utilizes our world-class moderation system, making it easy to identify and remove disruptive contributions.
Moderators can:

  • Set all questions to 'pre-approval required'

  • Use AI-assisted moderation to identify problems quickly

  • Give audience feedback or a temporary 'time out'

  • See detailed commenter histories

  • Customize settings for each Q&A

  • ...and much more

See how The State used Coral Q&A to inform their audience

Control your community

With Coral, only you own your audience's data.

  • Connects to existing subscriber/donor registration

  • Optional log in with email/Facebook/Google

  • Connect to private Slack channels

  • Restrict participation to subscribers only

  • GDPR, CCPA, PIPEDA compliant

  • ...and much more

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Three women working on laptops, talking to each other (Image: WOCInTechChat, CC-BY)

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